I provide high quality legal assistance in all areas of criminal law including, but not limited to: DUI Defense, Medical Marijuana Law, Theft Offenses, Three Strikes Crimes, Robbery, Burglary, Attempted Murder, Murder, Juvenile Law, Domestic Violence, Narcotics Offenses, Gang Charges, Sex Offenses and Expungements.
DUI Defense


  • Were you pulled over for a DUI?

  • Was your license confiscated by the police?

  • Were you told that you were "over the limit" after blowing into a machine?

  • Are you worried that you will have to miss work to attend court?




  • I will help you fight if you were unlawfully pulled over.

  • I will help schedule a DMV hearing to defend your driving privileges.

  • I will review the records of the breath test machine to determine if it was maintained properly.

  • I will appear in court for you so you don't have to miss work.

  • I will negotiate the best outcome for you.

Juvenile Law


Sometimes our children get in trouble with the law.  Children also need the experienced and effective representation I provide.


I will talk to your child.  I will listen to your child.   I have appeared beside children as their defense lawyer over 1000 times. 


The charges I have helped children with range from vandalism, narcotics possession, burglary, sexual assault, robbery, gang violence and driving under the influence.


My focus in juvenile cases is to show the judge that the person in front of them is not "just a case".




Serious Felonies

If you are charged with a serious felony you need to call me right away.


A serious felony is a "Three Strikes Charge'" which can imprison you for years beyond a general felony charge.


These types of offenses include: Residential Burglary, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Robbery, Sexual Assault, Murder, Attempted Murder, Gang Charges, and Arson.


As a criminal defense lawyer I have represented people charged with all of these crimes.


As a prosecutor I have convicted people charged with serious offenses as well, including several cases of attempted murder.


When you hire me you will be getting someone who knows BOTH sides of a criminal case.


I know how the government puts their case together. 


I know how to fight the government.




Domestic Violence

Sometimes we get into fights with our significant others.


We say things we don't mean to say.  We do things we would never do if we weren't angry.


The police are called.


Its a stressful situation for you.  It is a stressful situation for your significant other.  It is a stressful situation for the officer.


The worst time to make a statement and make decisions is when everyone is under stress.


You may have said something you did not mean to say or did something you did not mean to do.


Call me. 




I have years of experience helping people charged with domestic violence crimes.


I have won trials when I was able to show that the facts weren't the way the government was making it seem.


Medical Marijuana Law


It is legal to use marijuana for medical purposes in California.


You must obtain a recommendation from a physician before you use marijuana.


If you didn't.  I CAN HELP


You must possess, cultivate, and transport an amount that is consistent with your recommendation.


If the police arrest you for possession, cultivation or transportation.  I CAN HELP


The law allows you to cooperatively grow marijuana with others.


If you need help setting up a lawful cooperative.  I CAN HELP


I obtained hundreds of convictions as the only major narcotics prosecutor solely assigned to marijuana cases in Fresno County.  I will use that knowledge to help you.





If you feel you did whatever the police have charged you with, you need to call me immediately.


(559) 376-9300


  • What you think you did may not be a crime.

  • The police may have stopped you illegally.

  • The police may have searched you illegally.

  • You may have a defense available that you were unaware of.

  • All the procedures may not have been followed correctly.

  • You may only be responsible for a lesser offense.

  • Evidence may have been obtained improperly, lost, or destroyed.

  • You may qualify for a program which will reduce the charge or sentence.


I am a lawyer with over 21 years of experience.  I will talk to you and get your side of the story.  I will use my knowledge to fight your case aggressively.