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High quality legal defense in all areas of criminal law including: DUI Defense, Theft Offenses, Three Strikes Crimes, Murder, Robbery, Burglary, Juvenile Law, Domestic Violence, Drug Offenses, Attempted Murder, Gang Charges, Sex Offenses, Restraining Orders, and Expungements.

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Experience On Your Side


With over 23 years of experience as both a Criminal Defense Lawyer and Deputy District Attorney-


Pulled over for a DUI?

 - With over 500 DUI cases, including trials

           I CAN HELP


Are you unsure about the new changes in the law now that Propositions 57 and 64 have just passed?

- With over 20 years of experience I can show you how the changes in the law may affect you.

           I CAN HELP


Were the police called after you got in a fight with your wife/husband/ significant other?

- With over 200 domestic violence case experience including trials

          I CAN HELP


Did your child get in trouble with the law?

-With over 500 juvenile criminal cases, including trials

          I CAN HELP


Are you or a family member charged with a serious or violent offense?

-With over 1000 serious or violent case experience, including several trials for attempted murder

          I CAN HELP


Do you need to talk to an experienced lawyer about your case?

          I CAN HELP








What I Can Do For You


Free in-office or phone consultation.


Attorney-Client privileged communication

      -  I will talk with no one about your            case without permission.


I will visit you or a family member in jail if necessary.


I will go over your side of the case with you.


I will review the police reports and other evidence with you so you can make informed decisions.


I will fight to protect your rights in court.


I will make sure you understand what is going on with your case.


I will make sure you understand what defenses are available for you.


I will talk to your witnesses.


I will gather evidence to help you prove your case.


I will make sure you understand any offers that are made to settle your case.


I will be there with you and for you in court.


I will work with you on a flexible payment plan.

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Theft Offenses


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