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Even the simplest of criminal matters can have unforeseen consequences, and an experienced attorney will know the best course of action. At Luton Law Office in Fresno, I represent clients throughout the San Joaquin Valley in a diverse range of criminal defense matters and give each client the time and attention their case deserves. Over my decades in the legal field, I have refined my negotiation and advocacy skills and use my legal knowledge to create detailed legal strategies that consistently produce good outcomes.

What is the difference between sealing and expunging a criminal record?

Getting your record sealed or expunged can make life significantly easier, and each one is a separate process that applies to different situations. Sealing is available for past arrests that did not result in a conviction or occurred while you were a minor. Expungement may be requested for prior convictions of specified offenses and requires you show your sentence was completed, you are not currently serving a sentence for another crime or facing other criminal charges. Getting a clean slate is an important part of overcoming past mistakes, and I will diligently work to get your petitions granted.

What to expect during your DUI case

While most DUIs are treated as misdemeanors, the potential penalties are still very serious. The following is an overview of what to expect if you are charged with a DUI:

  • An automatic suspension of your driver’s license unless you request a hearing with the DMV within 10 days
  • An arraignment, during which you enter a plea of guilty or not guilty
  • Pre-trial proceedings, evidence gathering, developing a defense strategy; your attorney will seek to resolve the case without going to trial
  • Trial, if necessary, for a jury to decide your case
  • Sentencing if you plead or are found guilty

Do not assume your situation is hopeless. I know how to successfully attack DUI charges and will find any errors and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Do you have any defenses to a domestic violence accusation?

A domestic violence conviction carries several potentially serious penalties, so putting forth a strong defense to minimize the consequences or get the charges dismissed entirely is critical. Prosecutors want you to believe your case is open and shut, but many defenses could be available, including:

  • You did not cause the victim’s injuries
  • You were acting in self-defense or in defense of others
  • The victim’s accusation is false
  • What happened was an accident

I will take immediate steps to address your case and mitigate any potential issues.

Why it matters whether the charge against you is a misdemeanor or felony

The type of charge filed against you determines the potential penalties you could receive if convicted, and misdemeanor and felony offenses are viewed very differently by the criminal system. Misdemeanor crimes are less serious and have less severe consequences, though still significant, which can include up to a year in jail, fines and lengthy probation. Felonies are treated more severely and can be punished by years in prison, high fines and costs and considerable post-conviction restrictions. Regardless of the charge against you, I will tenaciously fight to protect your rights.

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